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We always firmly believes that products are the first core competitiveness! To make high-quality products and products that consumers trust will eventually be welcomed by the market and affirmed by consumers. At the same time, II+YOUJIA will also promote technology faster, smarter and more economical so that customers can get more convenient, and more perfect user experience.

Shape the future of every kitchen!

At present, II+YOUJIA dishwasher adopts German Ecotech economic heating storage and energy saving device in the drying system. It can enhance the washing effect by 30%, the water saving effect reaches 30%-80%. At the same time, it cooperates with the PTC hot air drying system, circulating convection. Full-efficiency drying makes the dishes completely free of residual water; in terms of washing, the equipped new reverse double-layer blade spray arm, micro geometry design water flow nozzle, warped geometry spray arm twisted design, two-speed motor equipped with strong water pressure , 360° clean dishes without dead corners; At the same time, the German Enmet exchange regeneration soften water system was introduced, which increased the cleanliness to 99%, and completely saying goodbye to water stains. The self-developed fresh air system completely solved the concerns of users' placing the dishes for a long time, disinfection, odor and so forth. These continuous breakthroughs and upgrades are all developed by German Dietrich scientific research experts and domestic scientific research teams.