II+YOUJIA sink integrated dishwasher is launched into a new international trend, helping to upgrade the clean space of modern kitchens


II+YOUJIA new integrated sink and dishwasher is launched, creating a healthy kitchen life

2020 is special year that the whole world is suffering from the Covid-19, and health issues have become people's primary concern. Following the principle of "disease in the mouth", tableware hygiene has gradually been raised to a new height. As a home appliance product that frees hands for the second time, dishwashers have become a new favorite in the market. Relevant data shows that in August 2020, the offline market for dishwashers had retail sales of 22,500 units and retail sales of 149 million yuan, an increase of 18.93% and 25.82% respectively year-on-year. As a back wave of the dishwasher industry, II+YOUJIA has launched an integrated product of sink and dishwasher, upgrading the clean space of intelligent kitchens, and improving the quality of consumers' healthy life. At the same time, its extremely high practicality and acceptance has gradually become the "new national tide" in the dishwasher.

As we all know, the integrated dishwasher is a type of dishwasher that integrates multiple functions such as dishwasher, fruit and vegetable/seafood washing machine, sink, waste disposer/water purifier, etc. It is also a type of dishwasher that can be applied to many kitchens. Integrated kitchen appliances for usage scenarios. It has the characteristics of saving space, saving time, shortening the operation line, multi-purpose, convenient installation and maintenance. The main purpose is to use the damp and irregular space under the sink to integrate various functions through a modular design to improve the space utilization efficiency of the kitchen.


For many families, the kitchen space is actually not large, and there is not much space left for cabinets, sinks, refrigerators and so on. Just in terms of space planning, a huge dishwasher will not be installed. II+YOUJIA integrated sink and dishwasher, after sink type, independent type, built-in, and other products, are specially designed for different families to solve the upgrade of kitchen problems. Combining the scene of different age group consumers using dishwashers in kitchens, it breaks through the traditional washing methods and disinfection technology, and designs the golden ratio of 180mm tank depth, 900mm tank width and small R angle. The high integration solves the problem of low space utilization under the traditional sink and the traditional dishwasher taking up space.

According to reports, II+YOUJIA integrated sink dishwasher can not only be pulled out, but also can be rotated 360 degrees by switching the water outlet mode. In addition, it uses a top-down stepped tank to effectively expand the operating space on the table, washing and cutting vegetables, and the turntable in one go. In addition, the ll+smart washing, precise sensor control, and the design of the brackets for the bowls and baskets to accommodate international characteristic tableware, etc., also highlight the original intention to meet the needs of innovation. It can be said that the emergence of II+YOUJIA integrated sink dishwasher integrates sinks, faucets, soap dispensers, cutting boards, drain curtains, garbage disposers, dishwashers and other parts, and truly achieves cleaning, draining, cutting vegetables, garnishing, etc. Dish washing, drying, disinfection, and storage are all done in one machine, which helps users solve complicated housework in every inch.

In the use of ordinary dishwashers, most users report that the built-in dishwasher takes up cabinet space, has a single function, and the process of dumping food residues in the sink type dishwasher is too troublesome. When cleaning up the II+YOUJIA integrated sink integrated dishwasher, the user only needs to dump out the large pieces of residue, those tiny food residues sticking to the dishes, such as shrimp shells, snail shells, leeks, celery and other residues go through the dishes. The residue processor in the machine cavity is automatically crushed, and the crushed residue is discharged from the sewer pipe along the water flow. It is not afraid of high-fiber waste, making the particles entering the sewer pipe more delicate. When grinding encounters resistance, the power of the motor is automatically increased. 


In the choice of material, this dishwasher adopts 304 stainless steel, polished by hand, and is non-sticky and easy to clean. In addition,  II+YOUJIA dishwasher has also updated 6 washing modes to meet all kinds of tableware washing, smart washing, crystal soft washing, even washing, ultra-clean washing, daily washing, pre-meal washing, according to the tableware different oil pollution. The washing programs can easily deal with various oil stains. In terms of design,  II+YOUJIA is also more user-friendly. There are some reserved places in the design, and consumers can install water purifiers or soap dispensers on their own to avoid the trouble of opening holes on the table. In addition, the embedded tool holder design is designed for easy storage and improves space utilization. The tank-in-tank structure makes washing more convenient and water-saving. It becomes a double tank, a large tank for washing large items, and a small tank for washing fruits and vegetables in one second.


The technology and innovation of dishwashers have been upgraded, which has greatly increased consumers' enthusiasm for buying dishwashers. With "products as the core competitiveness" and "user experience as the market standard",  II+YOUJIA Dishwasher not only seizes the "kitchen economy" by virtue of its own strength and acumen, but also provides a personalized life experience for worldwide families. Bring more possibilities.