II+YOUJIA launches three combine dishwashers: highlighting the core competitiveness of the industry


Technological innovation to consolidate "product power", II+YOUJIA dishwasher lead the market trend

8 sets of built-in, 4 sets of sink type, highly customize built-in dishwashers... Recently, following the full range of products such as sink type, stand-alone type, built-in type, and table & built in type, the "back wave" II+YOUJIA dishwasher industry once again launched three combine dishwashers.

No matter the dishwasher adopting above 70°C hot air sterilization, or Height-adjustable customized design, II+YOUJIA's new 3 combine dishwashers have reiterated their functions and experience, fully demonstrating the innovative strength of the industry's products.

Constantly innovated product thinking: Compact dishwahers upgrading experience

From the perspective of the product's own function, the three new combine dishwasher series launched by II+YOUJIA continue its "hot air drying" mode with patented PTC heating and drying technology, and solve the problem of residual water droplets in the traditional "waste temperature + condensation" method, and the problem of breeding bacteria; at the same time, the brand-new water flow system and the upgraded regeneration water softening system can solve stubborn stains by softening and adjusting the water quality. It is specially designed for heavy oily kitchens.

To provide users with a healthier life is always the pursuit of II+YOUJIA dishwashers. From the previous launch of the sink type dishwasher with a sterilization rate of 99.99%, the intelligent fresh air ventilation system to keep the machine cavity dry and eliminate molds, etc. This is evident in innovation.

II+YOUJIA Vision: Shape the future of every kitchen, develop full range of dishwashers

Since entering the dishwasher market in 2017, II+YOUJIA dishwasher has currently launched built-in dishwashers, desktop dishwashers, sink dishwashers, large-capacity cabinet dishwashers, and new combine dishwashers, and the industrial chain system are constantly improving. II+YOUJIA Electrical Appliances have been focusing on "whole world family" every product innovation.

Along with the launch of II+YOUJIA  innovative products, and the launch of its new industrial park, the planned annual production capacity will reach 2,000,000 units. The former "dark horse" of the industry is constantly consolidating its competitive strength with technological innovation and product power, showing a new attitude of the industry's "back wave", and will also establish a new vane of industrial upgrading!